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Monday, May 31, 2010

Emilie's BIRTHDAY!!!! (the recap)

Saturday was Emilie's birthday and it was such a great day! I met up with her and Jess at her place and silly-stringed the shit out of her apartment (and dog) haha. Then we made drinks and headed to the park to chill. I quickly realized I forgot my wallet and had to walk all the way back home to get it. Walking home usually takes an hour one way on a good walk, but I forgot that it was race weekend and I first rand through a walking race, only to find on the other side of the road a 5k race in progress with literally thousands of runners and no break in them to run through. I was waiting for 25 mins on the side of the race wanting to cross. I then walked home and finally got my wallet and called a cab to bring me back to Emilie's. We drank mimosas while starting supper at 7:30. Laurice came over and helped make supper (it was a team effort) while she did Emilie and Jess' hair. We ate an awesome supper of grilled veggies (that were supposed to be on skewers but for simplicity we just grilled them lol). After supper we headed over to Laurice's for the most amazing cake I've ever seen someone make! It was beyond delicious (and not just cause we were hammered since we had some the next day and it was just as good!) After more drinks and cake and a little playing raunchy board games, we headed to La Maison to meet up with Caroline's goodbye party and have pitchers of beer. After beer pong and seeing a bunch of friends, it was a great night! We headed to Johnny's for food then all departed our own ways home. I even managed to not elbow Emilie in the face for possibly the first time ever in my sleep! It's as if I knew that it was still her birthday and she should have the night off of bruises! lol. We woke up the next day and all met at Moondog for brunch and it was a great way to finish Emilie's 23rd birthday!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wonderful World

Emilie's Favourite Song!

That's what Friends Are For

This is for you Emilie!


TODAY IS EMILIE'S BIRTHDAY!!!! 9 Months before many moons ago on this day, Emilie's parents were doing the dirty and with a lot of grunting, fetus Emilie was in creation! (Ya I know....disgusting! But Emilie's going to read this and I think she'll love me reminding her that her parent had, and still have sex haha. They probably will today to honour her! Your welcome Em). 23 years in the making, and Emilie is definitely the belle of the ball! (Notice the Beauty and the Beast reference!) Emilie is like another part of me rather than a friend and this is why, as many of you know, when Emilie leaves to move to Toronto I will have a rough time. We have the most unhealthy relationship ever and I LOVE it!! I wouldn't have it any other way! Every second, every moment spent with Emilie, in her presence or even just thinking of knowing her makes me feel like one of the luckiest people in the world! Despite our unhealthy relationship, from the short time that Emilie has come into my life, she has changed me more as a human than anyone, or anything has - hands down! She is the least judgemental, most understanding, least confrontational, happiest, most dependable (as long as there's no timeline lol), honest, loving and loveable, ridiculous, friend, person and spirit that i have ever ever met! My mom is right when she tells me that people look their entire lives to find someone that they can have a bond even remotely similar to that of mine and Emilie's and I consider myself one of the luckiest people to ever live! I know that things will change with us once she moves, but I know that what we have, what we've gone through and all our future plans will keep us beyond super close (and ya I'm sure it'll still be UBER unhealthy! haha). We've been through some of the greatest times together, saddest times, really awkward times(pretty much weekly), hilarious times, adventurous times, and lots of life-threatening times! Our lives have been a billion-fold more interesting lives because we are in each others lives and I'm not letting that stop anytime soon! Emilie, you are a beautiful soul and you bring pure joy into my life and I can't imagine my life without you, and I can say that now that I've had you for a piece of my life, I wouldn't want to not have you anymore. We were turtles in a past life making that race for safety of the ocean, risking out lives, but there together; now in this life....still making our life and death races together! Guarantee we're coming back as like two rocks or mountains next time so we're not so life-threatening to ourselves haha. Love ya! I look forward to the beginning of today's festivities and not even remotely remembering this evening! Happy 23rd Birthday!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

It IS Ridiculous!

So as many of you know, my life is RIDICULOUS! Well today just further proves that to anyone who was still in doubt. This morning I had stats class and I was hungover for it cause Emilie and I went dancing last night (which was lots of fun) and then when I finally got home in the afternoon, I was still SUPER tired. I was watching Will and Grace while starting to drift into a nap on the couch while I texted back and forth with Ricky. Then I was woken from my nap by my phone ringing. I answered the phone to be greeted by a guy who proceeded to tell me that I won the ballot contest, that I randomly entered on Victoria Day, and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “are you fucking kidding!?” To which he replied “no, I’ve very serious”. I then thought that this was Ricky playing a prank on me, but quickly realized he didn’t know that I had even entered this draw; only Emilie did. So I was on the phone with these people for about half an hour finding out what I won etc, trying to remain calm while on the phone, all I could think about was my mother’s voice telling me ‘if it sounds too good to be true it is’ and that I hope I’m not being scammed and I’m going to end up on Oprah! But I tried to also stay optimistic the whole time too. Ultimately, with checking with people (Lacey, my mom, lacey’s aunt, and logic) we are certain this isn’t a scam! So now after much pacing, lots of joyous outbursts of “Holy Fuck!”, “O My God!”, “Jesus Christ!”, etc and FREAKING OUT and doing a happy dance while on the phone with Lacey, I’m am beyond excited to say that I won a trip for me and three friends to Universal Studios in Orlando Florida, Daytona Florida, and Las Vegas! F’N RIDICULOUS!!!! I’m soooo pumped! My life IS ridiculous!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010



So as I sit in Bridgehead (a fair trade, organic coffee shop) in my athletic CK black briefs (to allow more breathability on this scorching hot and humid day), I'm racking my brain to think of something I wanna blog about. I came here to do my blogging cause since I moved to my new apt I decided to not get internet but rather tether internet from my phone's data plan when I need internet and when I wanna stream tv (cause I don't have a tv or cable either) I just go to campus and catch up on my shows; however, I've reached my data plan max for the month and so I'm stealing internet here to blog. I've already posted on my Underwear You Want It blog but for some reason, today it's easier to write about underwear and not about my life! Hahaha. And as the caffeine is definitely kicking in, as seen in my jittery body and twitching legs, it gets harder and harder to concentrate on a topic to blog about. I ask Lacey via Facebook chat what I should blog about and she give me no good advice here (thanks Lace). Then I know! I'll write about Lacey today! She's RIDICULOUSLY important to me AND besides her being one of my best friends and one of the most amazing people in the world, she's been with me in countless ridiculous times in my life! So here we go, all about Lacey today....

I met Lacey in Grade 6 when I just moved to Timmins from Ottawa in the middle of the school year. I remember the moment we met and I think neither of us had any clue how important that moment would be to lead us to this spot 11 years later. We became UBER close in high school with our many drunken adventures and parties, etc. Many of our friends are the same so we were together all the time. Remember when you leave high school and it's the biggest thing in the world cause everyone's leaving and you don't know what you're going to do with your life and everybody's like "nothing's going to be the same" and you think you'll never see anyone again; kinda how it feels all over again when you graduate university. I remember our almost sacred "good byes" that our core group of friends did at Tim Hortons by J&B (yeah Tim Hortons! We're from northern Ontario, not a lot of places to hang out! Get over it! lol). I've learned since being in university that yeah things and friends change when major life events (like leaving for university); however, I believe people come into your life for a purpose and are meant to be there when and for the amount of time they are there. These "life events" can almost be seen as a test to cleanse yourself of people who aren't really in your life for any beneficial reason anymore and the ones that stay are meant to and the bond gets stronger. If the friendship is important to each other, like Lacey and mine, then distance doesn't matter. Granted it SUCKS that I can't just see Lacey whenever I want cause she lives over 400km away, but she's come to visit me here a few times over the years and I've seen her when I've gone to Toronto and Guelph, as well as when we're both back home. It's almost like Lacey and I do live close though because we talk on the phone pretty much every day for usually a couple hours on end. I can't wait till I can see her again though and party with her! Some of the best partying in my life was along side this woman!

I honestly can't imagine what my life would be like if I had never met Lacey or if she ever leaves my life! I know she'll be around for a long time (cause forever is a really long time! lol). We are each other's emotional rocks when things are shitty, stressful or rough, and each other's shrinks when we need advice. Next summer, she will be one of the 4 of us backpacking Europe (which will be amazing and I'll be surprised if we don't die!) and then after that when I move to Australia for the year, I know that things won't change with Lacey and I cause we'll still talk all the time and I imagine see each other just as much as we do now.

Lacey, you're AMAZING and i love you! I can't wait till I see you again (and get drunk!) Both our mom's treat each other as their own kids and I'm excited to see how much stronger our relationship will grow over my lifetime. Till then, I look forward to hearing you on the phone today and can't wait to see you when I go back home for the golf tournament (which is really more of a drinking tournament to me with the option to golf)!

Love ya! Don't ever change! (unless you're going to change where you live to be Ottawa and then Australia lol).

JLO - Louboutins

Photo of me during the last few hours in Cuba with Emilie

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Glitter in the Air - Pink

Body Image Similar to Addictions?

As Emilie and I basked in the sun today - err...or should I say, when I basked in the sun and Emilie in shade today while studying for our respective subjects (Me - stats, Emilie - mental health nursing), we had a discussion regarding eating disorders and body image issues related to mental health. Emilie was reading about anorexia and her textbook said that eating disorders can be cured. So Emilie commented that she thought that they can't be cured because how can you really rid yourself of a body image disorder? So that got me thinking (and distracting Emilie a number of times before I dropped it) that I think Emilie was right! Can you ever really say that someone with a body image disorder is cured; or is it similar to addictions where you're not truly "cured" of an addiction in the same sense as you can be an illness but rather the addiction is something you "work on" for the rest of your life? Like the saying "once an addict always an addict" or "you're always an alcoholic even if you're a recovering alcoholic" play true to eating or image disorders as well? Can someone with severe body dismorphia ever completely be over their issues with their body or are they too, "an anorexic even if a recovering anorexic"? Although this then got me North American society, the vast majority at large has some form or another of body image issues; not necessarily a disorder, but issues with their body image. I think it's safe to say that most people wish they could change, edit, enhance, alter, or erase something on their body whether it's real or perceived. With that being said, can we say that someone with a body image disorder can be "cured" when they have reached a level where they are at the norms with society with regards to their issues with their own bodies? But if this is the case, then for discussion sake, (if we're still comparing body image with addiction) couldn't we say that an addict is "cured" of their addiction once they too reach the same levels as society of desiring their addiction? - So an alcoholic is no longer addicted to alcohol when they desire alcohol to the same extent as the majority rather than for the reasons and excess that they had previously? And yes I do realize that there is a difference between body image disorders and addiction disorders but I think for discussion sake it makes an interesting parallel and can make you really think about both in a possibly new way (or maybe I'm just slow lol). In the end, I think that someone can't truly say that an individual is "cured" or body image and/or eating disorders but that they can be treated as a chronic illness; in that they can be treated and the severity of their "symptoms" can diminish as well as individuals can have exasperations but for the majority of the time they are lifelong except with few individuals. Emilie 1 - Mental health nursing textbook 0!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I LOVE Will & Grace!

Beach Day

As I sit in here in nothing but my Calvin underwear, watching Troy, after a workout, I thought this would be a good time to blog about last night and today. Last night I was hoping to go out for drinks, but that fell through so I just stayed in and did some painting by candle light and enjoyed the cool breeze; although I was REALLY hoping for the thunderstorm that was promised by the weather network gods. At midnight I had planned on starting a 24 hour vow of silence to work/test my self-discipline, but when I woke I decided to get Quiznos for lunch and quickly realized I couldn't order without talking and so that vow lasted almost 12 hours. Looks like I'll have to attempt this another day! Hahaha. After getting lunch, I headed to Westboro to spend the afternoon at the beach. On my way, I realized I forgot my sunscreen; and with UVs "very high" I wasn't sure how well this would pan out. As the bus approached Westboro, it turned down a detour and wasn't going the usual way. I had no clue where the bus was going. When I got off the bus I didn't know where I was but thought I'd walk and try and find the beach. Usually the bus drops me off just steps from the beach and this time I walked for awhile and came to a random field clearing with trees at the end; not the usual path, but I thought I'd try it. Then I followed a nature trail for a bit and finally found the beach. I quickly discovered why the bus had to go an alternative route. The parkway was closed down so people could bike; and there were hundreds of bikers. Alas, finally I made it to the beach, chilled there (with 10 minute rotations) and read. The beginning started off well with lots of sun, but quickly clouds took over. I finally left after a few hours, but of course I still managed to get sunburnt despite rotating frequently and the sky being blocked with thick clouds. Looks like I better remember my sunscreen when Emilie and I head to the beach tomorrow to study.
This doesn't seem like the usual way to the beach

Saturday, May 22, 2010

And all this time I thought she looked so good from sleeping with her younger boyfriend!


My biggest addiction BY FAR is cookies! They're my favourite food group and I can't imagine earth would be a happy place without them. This being said...I've been trying for awhile to not go ape shit every time I buy cookies and eat them all, and I've been trying to ration them. I must say I've been doing really well at this; limiting myself to 2 or 3 cookies in a day and some days none at all! I know! And no there's nothing wrong (Emilie always thinks there's something seriously wrong with me health wise the moment I refuse a cookie). Today when I came home from using the university's internet all afternoon, all I wanted was cookies. I had 3 and then tried really hard.....but had 3 or 4 more. And then I cracked! I totally relapsed and my almost month of hard rationing and conditioning went down the drain! I ate all the cookies that were in my cookie jar!! They were SOOO yummy! But after, I felt bad that I had eaten them all when I was doing so good. I decided that come June 2nd when Emilie quits smoking, I'm going to give up cookies (don't freak out yet people) for a month! (Like I could ever give them up for life!!). I'm going to be cookie free in June, that's the plan ladies and gents. The reason has nothing to do with my insanity, it's for my health and self discipline. Emilie and I will be able to keep track of how our addictions battles are going and motive each other. Granted hers is a way bigger feat. I'll keep you up to date with my cookie free month when it approaches and till then, I'll keep eating the delicious circular slices of heaven; although I plan to wait a couple days before buying a new package (or two).


So I was at the clinic this morning and the nurse took my blood pressure and it was prehypertensive at 136/83. This is kinda bothering me. The thing is....I've been having prehypertensive BPs for about a month or so now. The last 4 times I had my blood pressure taken by a nurse it's been in the 130s; and it doesn't matter whether it's taken manually or automatically. I don't really get it cause I'm healthier now than I've ever been in my life. I workout about 5 days a week (doing strength and cardio) and I do yoga pretty regularly now (about 3 times a week), I meditate pretty much every other day, and I am eating healthier than ever. I don't get it! Looks like I'm going to the drawing bored to figure out what else I can do to drop my systolic.

Chely Wright on Oprah 5/19/10

Friday, May 21, 2010

Random Mask Making

Last night, Emilie and I wanted to hang out, but we wanted to do something random. We threw out a couple ideas and we decided we would get drunk and make paper mache masks! SOOO much fun!! I made a full mask and Emilie only made half her face; or at least that's what she wanted and I kept putting more and more paper. lol. Now that they're dry today, the next time we hang out, we'll cut them to the size and shape we want and decorate them. Such a random fun night last night!

Drying my mask with a fan

Gotta keep drinking even while waiting to dry!

Emilie laying cold, waiting for her's to dry

The Underwear It Counts

I was talking this morning to Emilie about how I should've started a blog exclusively about underwear and called it "Underwear It Counts". I love underwear; especially Calvins! Today was a 40% sale at CK and I went (against the advice of Emilie) and I said that I would "only look". I now have so many pairs of underwear that I pretty much need a drawer just for underwear. I also have pairs that I still haven't worn yet; kinda like saving them for a special occasion or rainy day. When I got into the CK store in the mall, a male model wearing underwear and a t shirt gave me a coupon for 10% off next time I'm in the store. I wasn't really focusing on what he said so I had to read the coupon after to know what he had handed me. Hahaha. Lacey called my cell and I talked to her (she was not impressed I was at the store). I told the sales people who approached me that I was only there to look and a lot of people would be unimpressed if I bought anything. Needless to say....I caved! I bought two pairs! I had 4 in my hand at one point, so 2 pairs is an accomplishment in itself! The sales people were even bringing me pairs from the back to look at. After leaving the store (and the underwear model) behind, I went into Lululemon to check out their underwear cause a friend told me they're amazing. He even had the audacity to say they're better than Calvins!! *gasp!* Haha. I looked at them, and quickly realized....I had to leave the mall now! So I put the underwear down and hurried to the bus stop and bussed home.

Me and Kate

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tina Fey and Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray DRIVES ME F'N NUTS!!! I can't stand her voice! I can't stand her personality! I can't stand her show! Why on EARTH did anyone let this woman have her own show!?!? She's not funny and her show is sup par to Jerry Springer (who's show is a billion times more entertaining and interesting than Rachael's!) She always sounds so uninterested and insincere. She's BORING! I added this clip just so everyone can hear her annoying voice and watch her try (half assed) to be funny and she fails pretty much everything including life. GAH!

Eminem Not Afraid

Internation AIDS Memorial

Yesterday was the International AIDS Candlelight Memorial in Ottawa and across over 115 other countries. This is the second year that Ottawa has been doing the memorial. I was at last year's memorial with my Baba and I thought it was really good. My partner at the time pretty much organized it and my really amazing friend Elliott was there dressed in his suit with red flip-flops lol and he did a passionate speech; they had other speakers and performances. This year I found the whole thing a little different for me. So much has changed in that year since the last memorial. I have a few friends with HIV, and in February I lost a friend who died of AIDS-related illnesses. So this year, sitting in the park holding my flower and candle (that are distributed by the AIDS Committee of Ottawa to people at the memorial), it was a different mood for me. Last year was more of a celebration for the health of my friends and a silent protest to the less than adequate support and everything for people living with HIV. This year, it was more somber for me, thinking yes that I'm happy my friends are healthy (some healthier than me most of the time lol), but I thought of my friend RIchard. I met him while I started doing my community clinical placement with Bruce House and he quickly became a friend of Amanda (my clinical partner) and mine. He was always happy (even when sick or not doing very great). He was beyond easy to talk to and helped us immensely with our project at Bruce House. I would see him every once in awhile downtown doing so shopping or what not. Then after my placement I continued to volunteer there because Bruce House was more family-like than work and I had become really close with all the residents and staff. After a while, I was unable to continue volunteering during the year because I was working part-time and full-time school with clinicals and it just got to be too much. Then I found out in February that Richard had died. I was supposed to go on a trip to Miami with a friend, but cancelled it so I could make his memorial. It was a great celebration that Richard would've liked with everyone singing and dancing to the YMCA and other songs. So he's what occupied my mind a lot through the speeches and the performances last night, in addition to my friends still living amazing lives with the virus. It was another beautiful memorial! Hopefully next year's will be a little happier for me.

Chez Nous

I don't go back home to Timmins very often anymore since I left for university in Ottawa. I got either Thanksgiving or Easter, and Christmas and usually a couple times in the summer. When I do go back home it's always to visit friends and family and it ALWAYS leads to drinking liver-damaging amounts. I always try and see all my friends while I'm home (because there's a bunch of different friend circles), but regardless of the group....there's pretty much always booze. What else are we supposed to do in the frigid north!? The bars suck! The "club" (yes just one) is the most ridiculously sad room with flashing lights and music. But a Timmins tradition is that at the end of the night of boozing and bingeing, that almost everyone grabs food; often greasy chinese at the ever sketchy London Cafe or Pizza Pizza. The most traditional food though has to be Chez Nous poutine - hands down! It's is the most delicious disgusting poutine of life! At the end of bar nights, the little corner store is packed solid with people waiting for their various kinds of poutine; regardless of whether it's the middle of the summer, or -35 degrees in a snow storm and you can't even hold the poutine anymore cause your hands are so frostbitten-frozen (yeah I know from experience lol). It's funny though cause I don't actually get hungry when I drink, and I almost never eat; unless I'm WASTED and need food to prevent dying throughout the night. hahaha. So for my physique, it's probably better that I live 800+ kms away from Chez Nous, cause they definitely don't help the six-pak! Hahaha. Although, every time I go back home, there's always still at least one time each trip where Chez Nous is a MUST; but only drunk, they're not to be eaten sober and never question their health standards. haha.

Looking COMPLETELY sober eating poutine at Chez Nous one night in Timmins

Though not gay (actually married to the gorgeous model Brooklyn Becker), Andy Roddick is my favourite tennis player!

Gareth Thomas ... The Only Openly Gay Male Athlete

I heard this story when it first came out (no pun intended) and I thought it sounded crazy. This article is so well written and I think everyone should read it even though it's a really long article.

Gareth Thomas ... The Only Openly Gay Male Athlete - 05.03.10 - SI Vault

Monday, May 17, 2010

Super Sexy CPR

Super Sexy CPR from Super Sexy CPR on Vimeo.

"In order to be whole, each half must be whole on its own."

My Epic 18th Birthday!

My 18th birthday was one of my most epic birthdays! Lacey had a party for me at her house where her and I attempted Century Club. For anyone who is not aware, Century Club is where you take a shot of beer every minute for a hundred minutes with no breaks. We had my stopwatch counting down the minute and when it'd alarm, Lacey and I would down our ounce. Even when one of us had to go pee, we'd bring the shot with us and when the other yelled time.....shot was taken. As we got higher and higher up, time seemed to shorten between minutes. We had other friends at the party, some drinking (not doing Century Club) and a lot of sober people. We had sober people keeping the tally of our shots so we knew when we'd reach 100 and so that in my drunken state I wouldn't screw up lol. Century Club sounds kinda easy, but it REALLY isn't. It works out to 9 1/2 beer in an hour and 40 mins. Lacey made it to 51 and then tapped out and I kept going. I made it to 101 before everyone cut me off. I am an official member of The Century Club, and I would like to attempt it again sometime, but I no longer have the pressure of having to complete it since I'm already in the club. After finishing those beer, I thought that would be prime time to talk to my ex who was at the party, and who had recently broken up with me, about why they did it. Hahahaha I'm a thinker! The puking in the neighbours bushes brought the convo to a halt, especially since the neighbour was watching from the window! lol. Then back at Laceys, I just went through my drunken regular ridiculousness, i crawled under glass coffee tables thinking it looked like a coffin, i blew a candle out so hard that the wax exploded and covered my face and eyes, and eventually went to bed. I woke in the morning to hangout with the hangover and Lacey, until my mom would pick me up to bring me for KFC lunch with my whole family! KFC is probably the worst hangover food FYI. But, that night was epic! I am a member of Century Club! I had a GREAT birthday that year! Thanks Lace! Maybe this summer we'll get Lacey and Angelique to become members!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

"If it doesn't negatively impact your life or the life of someone else, then you're not an alcoholic; you just have a high tolerance"

Back in the Drinking Days

When I was in grade 12, I because friends with two guy Jo and Eryk (brothers) and they became really good buddies of mine. Jo and I were bad influences on each other and when the two of us were around each other stupid shit always ensued. Stupid ideas like starting a band named "Tennis", starting our own meth business in Timmins, starting a male strip club in the north(I still think this is a good idea), stealing random shit like construction signs, and various legal and illegal activites; however, I'd like to say that 90% of the time we were drunk when coming up with our master plans.

The three of us used to play tennis all the time. Tennis is the love of my life! These guys were the ones who taught me how to play and then within 2 years of playing, I was working for the city as the tennis instructor for the summer. We made roadtrips in summer to Sudbury where they have the indoor tennis courts just to play tennis while the snow was around. Nothing makes me feel the same way as playing tennis. But then at some point they got more busy and less tennis playing was occurring (which sucked).

One random day when Jo and I were at Tim Hortons for coffee, he said that he wanted to get a kayak (out of nowhere) and so spontaneously I said I'd get one too! We drove down to Canadian Tire and bought kayaks, life jackets, paddles, and we started kayaking that summer! Hahaha. Ridiculous, but SO much fun! We'd bring beer and tie it to the back of the kayaks so they were in the water dragging behind; but the drag from the beer would slow us down and make paddling SO hard that we had to drink pretty quick. Then drunkenly, we'd fool around with our kayaks in the water; ramming them into each other, sinking them, etc. It was all fun and games till one time I was like "Jo is my back bleeding? it feels like I cut it." And he was like "no". 5 mins later...."Remember when you asked if your back was bleeding? Well it's gushing blood." Hahaha. Have a little scar that still shows up when I'm tanned in the summer.

Although, despite all that, drinking has always been something that remained. We always drank, and usually a lot! In grade 12, the last year before I left for university, I worked full time and was a student part time. But every wednesday Jo and Eryk were off work; so I'd skip every wednesday and the three of us would get breakfast, then do something (often get booze related supplies). And we'd drink early in the day. We started making shooters, like the fancy ones with layers and different colours, etc. We became really good at it too! And trust me, it's not easy when you're drunk trying to do that. But it was fun. Those shooter nights we'd drink like one, maybe two beer in the night and tons and tons of shots. I can't even do a sixth of the number of shots I used to do then! It was ridiculous! Now, when I return to hangout with them and drink, there's not usually shots anymore haha. We're getting old I think. And often I return or am about to return from Ottawa and Jo tells me he's not drinking anymore for various workout reasons, but I think I'm his drinking kryptonite cause he can't refuse when I'm around. We get wasted together.

I miss those times cause I'm not home enough to party and hang out with them. And I miss the stupid, STUPID ideas and things that Jo and I get into. I'm pumped to get home to see them again. Maybe I should try and convince them to come down here (even though Jo never would). I can't wait to party, kayak and play tennis again.

A normal shots night at the Rice house

Friday, May 14, 2010

"We control our environment and our environment is our thoughts; everything else is just physical manifestations of those thoughts"

Bus Adventure

To spice things up a bit today, Emilie and I decided to go on a bus adventure! It was soo much fun! We grabbed Tim Hortons, then got on a bus to Hurdman bus station. When we got to Hurdman, we got on a random bus that we've never taken and we didn't know where it went to. That was really fun! We went till it brought us back to Hurdman, way quicker than we thought, so we got on another random bus. This one dropped us off in the middle of nowhere. After walking a little we found a Boston Pizza in the middle of nowhere haha. We grabbed some pizza and martinis for more adventure and fun, then made our way back home. Lots of fun! I highly suggest everyone spruce up their life with some bus adventures!

Doctors without Borders

This afternoon, Emilie and I went to a refugee camp in the park put on by MSF. My dream is to work with Doctors without Borders within a few years and so I was really excited to see this refugee camp. We got a tour by a nurse who works in Toronto, but has done three tours to various places. He was really cool, kinda dorky, but that made it more fun. It makes me want to go work relief so much more!

Lacey, me and Emilie before going dancing

Dancing with Betty

This is me trying to teach Angelique's mom how to grind and dance slutty! Hahaha I don't think she gets the point of slutty lol. I love Ange's parents! They're ridiculous! For some reason they make me promise to take care of her on any trips we've been on together. As if! If Ange is getting in shit or trouble, I'm either right there with her or leading the way! Haha. Not to mention Ange is like a bull and I'm no matador, I can't control that beast if I wanted to! Ange's mom even got me a high school grad present just before we left for Dominican on our grad trip; it was a small book that she uses to teach her special ed students and it's called "The Cycle of the Dandelion". Hahahaha. Ya, until the end of high school, I didn't know that the yellow dandelions and the white fluffy dandelions were the same species! lol. [Insert insulting comment from everyone reading this here.] Although, I keep using my defence is that I'm not the only one who thinks this! Jo (not the best example I know lol) also didn't know this! But I mean seriously....has anyone actually SEEN the yellow dandelion turn into the white fluffy ones?! Maybe you're all wrong and the yellow ones die and that triggers the white ones to pop up? Just putting it out there.

Aqua - Live Fast, Die Young

Skydiving with Baba

Two summers ago, I went skydiving with my Baba! About a year before this, my grandma and I were talking and she just mentioned how she always wanted to go parachuting. I told my mom, and we talked about how we think we should plan this out. We figure, you only have one life to live so she mind as well get to do things she's always wanted to do. We talked about if something was to go wrong, at least she'd have been able to do something she's dreamed of. So my mom and I secretly planned that when my mom would come to get me from university to bring me home for the summer, she'd bring my Baba and then me, my Baba and my brother would go skydiving. So when they finally came down to Ottawa, we went out for supper and I sprung the surprise on my grandma and she couldn't and didn't believe us. We convinced my mom to go as well since the rest of us were all going to be doing it. That night, my grandma got no sleep, but she said she was excited to go. The plane was tiny so it had to be two at a time, so my grandma and I went first. We both LOVED it! Then we were on the ground and saw my mom and my brother go. Dave liked it, but my mom puked the entire way down! hahaha. We were video-taping their jump from the ground and when my mom lands all you hear on the tape is her tandem jumper say "you're my first puker!!" hahaha. Loved it! Now on to bungee jumping!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blah blah blah Iraq mix

I think these military music videos are hilarious. I just have so many questions when I watch them. lol.
"True nobility is not in trying to be superior to others, but being superior to your former self"

Lady GaGa Teeth

This video is AWESOME!! I've shown it to a number of friends now and they all love it! It's pretty much changed Angelique's life. lol. Gotta love "beefcake's" dancing! hahaha.

Crotch Game

So every once in awhile when I'm bored and wanna entertain myself, I play this game I call "The Crotch Game". It's basically where when in public you try and picture what people's crotches look like. Not just like their junk, but I mean like EVERYTHING; from shape, size, grooming, etc. Really fun! I got Emilie playing it and some others too. It's a good way to entertain yourself in public; well, it's a good way for any perverted people like me! Haha.

Pro-Choice Rally

Today I woke up super hungover from going out last night and I had to be at class for 8am. I'm not really sure why I was that hungover; yeah I had about a micky of rum in 3 drinks, but it's really not that much when you look at how much I usually drink. I guess I'm getting old. Anyways, aside from being late to class, needing to get out of the first cab early to vom in major public, then get in new cab to get to class, being hungover till the evening, I went to the pro-choice rally! I've gone now for three years and I think it's a lot of fun. Today is the day where the catholic school board busses students in from all over (including the states) and yes, these students get out of class for the day to protest pro-life. I am a pro-choicer. I believe that people should have the choice. If someone wants to be pro-life, that's great, that's their choice, but don't force everyone to be. This year was a really great turn out; probably the best yet. I have a couple pics from the rally on Parliament Hill and from the protest on the street. After the protest, I went to Emilie's to chill with my hangover, then move furniture....when do I ever move furniture when I'm not hungover?! lol

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tulip Adventure

On monday I was looking to have and adventure around Ottawa, so I asked Emilie if she wanted to go see the tulips since it was finally a nice day out. We met on campus and walked to Major hill. There were only dying tulips and the tents for the festival weren't up so we figured we'd missed the festive (turns out they're just late to set everything up). So we walked to Parliament and chilled there, then went on little adventures around there. Bekkah met up with us since she was downtown, we hung out, walked to Bekkah's place in Gatineau, then walked to the market and finally home. It was an awesome day with about 5 hours of walking around Ottawa enjoying everything and each other.

"When someone allows you to bear his burdens, you have found deep friendship."


My very close friend is celebrating her 23rd birthday today! I have known Brianne for awhile (around grade 7-8) and have known OF her for most my life since our parents grew up together and were close friends. It wasn't till Christmas of 2005 when Brianne and her family "saved" my life and instantly became angels that changed my life, that Brianne and her family because my family as well. She had forever since then been my sister and she always will be. She and her family were family to me in one of my biggest times of need in life and I have made a personal vow that I would always be there and do anything for Brianne if she was in need; that's what family does. I'm proud to have such an amazing friend/sister and that we've been able to be there for each other in our hard times. I miss her since she moved back to Timmins and I can't see her or talk to her as often, but I know we'll always be super close. The bond we have is indescribable because it's more than just a friendship. I wish her the happiest birthday and life ever!!

She has been responsible to for some of my great adventures and I have roped her in and brought her along in I'm sure more ridiculous, blasphemous times than she'd even want to remember! lol. In grade 11 World Religions class we figured out that I was going to be going to hell no matter which major religion I choose to follow and I think sometimes it's like I'm dragging Brianne down with me.....secretly I think she loves it! ;) haha.

Love this girl and can't wait to see her again!

Brianne's 23rd Birthday!

Shannon and me at Nursing Grad Formal

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Boxers or Briefs

There's the age old question that's been asked for thousands and thousands of years......boxers or briefs? If asked in high school or before, I would answer "boxers only". Then later in high school, my answer to this age-old philosophical questions would slightly change to attach brief; boxer-briefs mostly, but boxers often as well. But now, I have been awakened to the amazing Calvin Klein underwear! These are by far the most comfortable underwear and my answer has yet again changed. I now wear briefs and trunk boxers the most, boxer-briefs sometimes (usually to workout), and boxers the least. Although, commando definitely still pops up now and then (no pun intended lol). So now I'm curious....what does everyone else wear? And will my answer to the question change again in the upcoming months to years?

Hiccup Cure

This is a picture of Emilie and me trying to stop Anne's hiccups. I read somewhere that if you stimulate the vagus nerve on the forehead when someone is hiccuping that it will trigger the diaphragm to stop spasming. The first few times I did it to Emilie and Anne it worked; although, now when I try it doesn't work. It always seems to work on Anne though.

Canadian Please

My American friend Brandon posted this on my Facebook wall and I think it's ridiculous! haha.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Me, Laurice and Emilie before going dancing
"It's not too late to ask yourself if you really are the person you want to be, and if not, who do you want to be"


Flex-i-tar-ian-ism (n.) is a semi-vegetarian diet focusing on vegetarian food with occasional meat consumption. A self-described flexitarian seeks to decrease meat consumption without eliminating it entirely from his or her diet. There are no guidelines for how much or how little meat one must eat before being classified a flexitarian. Flexitarianism is distinguished from pescetarianism (i.e., one who eats only fish in addition to vegetarian foods), as well as pollotarianism (i.e., one who eats only poultry in addition to vegetarian foods).

I am a flexitarian. I now (ever since watching Earthlings) consious about what I eat and what the process to get or make it involved. I don't make meat or buy meat for myself anymore because I think my desire for a delicious steak is not worth the suffering the cow had to endure to produce it; however, I have not cut meat out of my life completely. Eating meat is a big part of my family's culture and also when visiting friends who make me meals with meat, I believe would be rude and sometimes insulting for me to deny it. So I do still consume meat at select times, but I no longer eat it alone or when I have the chance to not to. Who knows, maybe one day I will be a strict vegetarian or maybe a vegan, but until then, I am content being a flexitarian; not to mention the word is cool! haha.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mom happily in love with her significant other, Jean-Guy
"A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie." ~Tenneva Jordan

My mom and her best friend Eddy

My Mother Teresa

My mom is the most amazing person you could ever meet! Years ago, friends of hers gave her the nickname "Mother Teresa"; not just for the similarity in name, but because the amazing person they both are. My mom raised me, my brother and sister on her own and she still managed to not screw us up (if I can say that myself lol). And not only did she raise us, but she always wanted (and still wants) us to have the best opportunities possible. She would sacrifice things for herself so that we could be enrolled in different recreational activities or do different things at school or go on trips around the world, because that was more important to her than her getting new clothes, or pampering herself or really doing anything for herself. She always said that her kids are her top priorities and that she'll start focusing on herself when my sister had finally left for university and my mom would have no kids at home to focus on.

My mom taught me so many things over the years, and I am who I am because of her. I know I'm in school to be a nurse because of how she raised me to care for others. Despite the insanely challenging, hard times we have gone through as a family, my mom has always remained a rock and even at her weakest, she was wonder woman; I can only dream of having a quarter her strength. I'm sooo proud of her and I love that our relationship is closer than it ever has (some may say a little weirdly close lol).

My mom has some quotes or sayings that she says often (which often drive me crazy) and I thought I'd share a couple:

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" - This one is definitely my LEAST favourite one, even though it's kinda true but I wouldn't admit that to her ever.

"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened".

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away".

Love you Mom! :)

My beautiful mother and I

More Than Just a Mother

You are my mother,
and I your son.
No matter what,
I'll love you a ton.

You're more than a mother to me:
you're a friend, a mentor, and protector of three.

I know it must be hard to be mom and dad,
but I'm so glad, because there's no one else I'd want it to be!

You always know just how I feel,
and how you treat me is so surreal.
I can't believe how perfect you are!

You're the angel watching over me;
whom I love more than sky or sea.
You're my guardian angel that protects me from harm.
You're the wind beneath my wings.
You hold me up tall,
and catch me when I fall.
I don't fear the world, cause I know that you'll always be right beside me.

You showed me this land while guiding me by the hand, and now I understand why you did it.
You want us to excel at everything, and have the best possible life.
You don't need to worry though. We'll be fine.
After all, we've had you to show us the way.