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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ellen & Portia

Ellen and Portia are the epitome of love in my eyes. The way they look at each other and smile at each other, you can see that it's true love and god it's what I would love to have - "Ellen and Portia love" with someone! This is my dream.....

I'm a blogging slacker

It's been pointed out to me by some people that I've been a slacker in the blogging department lately. I wish I could tell you that I've been INSANELY busy so I haven't had time, but that's not really true. Ya, I've been busy, but not SO busy I couldn't post shit - just lazy really. I've been trying to organize everything for my RN exam that I write in October for my nursing license and that's been a little bit of a headache, but it's almost all organized. Not to mention working on the assignments for the online course I have to start and finish in August to graduate. Then the lawsuit over the car accident that I was in on March 22, 2009 appeared out of nowhere last week and it's been a crazy time trying to organize legal stuff for that and figure out what's going on (thankfully it's being taken care of, as of yesterday!). I've also decided to start practicing my Spanish every morning while eating breakfast and it's day 3 and going well - well, it's better than day one where Angelique and I had an hour and a half discussion about a 4 word sentence. By the time we go to Spain we're going to be SOO correct with our grammar! haha. So here it is back on the blog-train! lol. I have a blog I will do about spirituality and philosophical questions, but I don't want you all to think I left and came back crazy, so I'll ease you into that. Hahaha.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kelis - Brave

My day....

I went with Cassie to Bluesfest last night to see Keith Urban. We brought a blanket and just chilled on the ground with our drinks, sitting in-front of the giant screen while waiting for her friends Tia and Tara (and their respective parties lol). The concert was great....the drunken-high dancing guy beside us, not so much. At one point Keith came through the crowd to play at the center which was about 10 feet from where we were sitting. After the concert and after much deliberating about what Cassie and I should do, we ended up going to her home and walking around her neighbourhood and went through the water park. We finished off with some OC and ice cream cake :) Since I was passing out from only having 4 hours sleep after my night shift the previous night, Cass drove me home where I came into my apartment and in the black place (didn't turn the lights on cause my mom and Jean-Guy were sleeping), after walking into numerous things, I crashed on the couch. At 6am when my mom and JG were leaving I woke up and went to my bed to continue my sleep. I was woken by a call to cover part of a shift tonight (which is awesome) but I knew that something was wrong with my right eye. And yup, I was eye! Of course I'd get pink eye when my stomach issues have been going CRAZZZZY! lol. After meeting Carli and Amanda to catch up at Bridgehead, I went to the clinic (that was closed of course lol). So I decided to use the computers in the library since I was already on campus, but the library was close of course. lol. So I bussed home, finished my book and ate, then talked on the phone for awhile with Lacey about our Europe Trip 2011. And now....I sit and wait for the time to come to head to work. Clinic tomorrow perhaps? haha.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fire with Fire by Scissor Sisters

Auntie Loo Takes the Cake!

Auntie Loo takes the cake….well…I do….but she baked it! Auntie Loo Treats Ottawa on Bronson has a summer promotion going on where when you follow @Auntie_Loo on Twitter, she will tweet a cake flavour and then the first person to email get’s that cake the next day for $30; HOWEVER, here’s the even more awesome part…when you get to the bakery you draw a piece of paper to see if you’re going to be lucky enough to win the cake for 50% off!! This is the first cake that I’ve had from Auntie Loo’s and I can’t wait to try it! I got a chocolate gluten-free cake, and if it’s even half as amazing as the various cupcakes and coffee cakes I’ve tried then it’s going to be phenomenal! I highly recommend (I’d force you if I could lol) that EVERYONE hits up her store and tries something. There is a warning however….you will more than likely fall in love; not only with Mandy but the delicious treats as well! Check her out!

Auntie Loo's Treats Ottawa
507 Bronson Ave.

Tuesday through Friday 3pm to 630pm
Saturday 8am to 2pm

(Or check her out on Facebook...

Introducing Sex Into a New Relationship - cont'd

I was watching Brothers and Sisters all last night during my night shift and there was a part of an episode that made me think of this question about how many dates before sex thing. In the episode, one of the women who was dating the guy hadn't had sex even after having gone out numerous time (the exact number wasn't mentioned). The couple did say they wanted to go slow; however, her family was giving her a hard time about not having had sex with him yet. There was comments made that "if he hasn't tried to jump your bones yet he must be gay", "or he has an STD". Shows you.....even pop culture tells us that we should be having sex shortly after (and sometimes before) dating.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing Sex Into a New Relationship

I was just talking to my awesome friend Angelique and we were discussing what "the general rule" is for how many dates into a new relationship before it's "acceptable" to have sex. She had said that she told a co worker 3 and her co worker pretty much gave her the "you're a huge slut bag with a loose vagina" look and so Ange has asked me and Lacey to get our opinions (possibly not the two greatest individuals for this question lol). I told her that 3 or 4 seems "normal" for most "normal" people but that it should be whenever feels right whether that's the first day or a month in (two months is too long....people lose interest haha). And Lacey too apparently gave the 3 date rule. So now, I wanna know what others the 3 date rule really acceptable? Or are my friends and I just crazy horned up fools who can't seem to restrain ourselves? How long is "acceptable"?

Vote for your answer on the poll on the right -------->

The Mobster is Back!

So Ottawa's biggest mobster is running for mayor again....Larry O'Brien. Not only is he back (makes me wanna barf) but he also probably had the BEST announcement speech for his return.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ricky Martin take 2?

So incase you've been outta the loop...Christiano Ronaldo is now the proud papa to someone's baby. He announced the new on the brink of the World Cup finishing. He tweeted about his new baby and how the mother's identity will be kept from being made known and that he has sole guardianship of this child. To me, this kinda sounds a little too familiar...isn't that pretty much what happened with Ricky Martin when he became the father of his twins? Although, Christiano definitely has had his share of the female companions, but I'm just's a little similar. I'm just waiting to see his baby and if it's as cute as he is....maybe the baby has washboard abs too!? hahaha. Either way, I don't care whether he legitly can't find the woman of his dreams or if he doesn't even want a WOMAN....but if this turns into a Ricky Martin take 2....I told you so!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Awesome Subway Improv

This is why Ottawa should get shit like this can happen!

Friday, July 9, 2010

I am Cookie Monster!

Day Before an Exciting Weekend

I stayed late at Cassie's last night to keep her company since she needed to stay up since she started her first night shift tonight. After a stop at Dairy Queen, a couple Hell's Kitchens and some other shows (I can't remember what we watched after anymore lol), she drove me home at 3:30am. I woke up not feeling amazing, my allergies were going a little whack, my breathing wasn't the best, I had pulled my hip flexor muscles for the first time ever and they hurt like a bitch and on top of it all, it was another humid, muggy day. Thankfully it rained off and on throughout the day which cooled the air OUTSIDE my apartment; so after I swept and tidied my apartment (cause my mom and Jean-Guy were coming to bring my stuff) I went outside in just my shorts and stood and danced in the rain and cooled down. I hate how outside is so much cooler than in my, can't the air just come inside too? All my windows are open and my dinky fan is going, but you'd swear the air isn't moving AT ALL! What do I have to do?!....invite it in!? Consider this the official invitation for the outside air to circulate into my house..........

Dear Outside Air,

You are cordially invited to entertain me in my apartment by breezing throughout the day. I would greatly appreciate if you would attend my apartment as this place just isn't as enjoyable without you.

Yours greatly in need,

Marcus Roman Kusiak

So my mom and JG showed up and my mom left a huge mess all over my entire apartment from dirt on her sandals but I can't complain too much since she brought me stuff I needed from home and JG made me a bed! The bed is awesome! He is insane and told me it only took him 3 hours to make! I was told it is VERY study and that he made it with extra support so like 4 people can be in it no problem and he made it so that it won't squeak at all......sounds like they know my sleeping patterns all too well! PERVS!....I clearly mean I toss and turn and have grand mal seizures nightly (I don't actually move almost at all when sleeping and I realized after I wrote it that the seizure part isn't really that funny....especially if you have if you do - Sorry). Now I'm back in my apartment, getting all sweaty (not in any kind of fun way) and going to ice the cake I baked to bring to the cottage that I'm going to for the weekend with Jess, Ryan, his friend and Emilie and Jenna. I'm SOOOO PUMPED!!! THe cake is cause it's Jess' birthday tomorrow, and we got a cottage instead of camping which I'm also mega pumped for! It's going to be a crazy time (although there will be no blogging for the weekend but when I come home I will update you on all the ridiculous details!) Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

HIV/AIDS Discovery

Shit! There was one last thing that I got excited about reading today and I wanted to share it on my blog!! So scientists have discovered a potentially GIANT breakthrough on the front for an HIV/AIDS vaccine! US scientists have identified 3 antibodies against the virus, one of them neutralizes nearly 91% of all HIV strains!

The antibodies were found in the blood of a 60 year old African-American man who is known by the scientific literature as "Donor 45". His body naturally made these antibodies! Researchers screened 25 million of his cells to find that 12 produced these antibodies. Now for the hard part....scientists need to discover how to create a vaccine or something that will cause any body to be able to produce these antibodies. However, this is a huge step and is exciting news! Yes it will take awhile before this goes anywhere usable, but the fact that it has been found is something.

Singing HOT HOT HOT!

So I haven't been posting anything for awhile and that's partially to do with me not wanting to have my hot laptop sitting on me and warming more than I already am, but the main reason was solely laziness. The heat that has been going on for the past while has been insane! Don't get me wrong...I definitely love this more than a freezing day in winter, but living in an apartment building with no air-conditioning and only a tiny fan that with an very active imagination (and possibly heat exhaustion) I can convince myself that the air in the apartment is moving and it's not going to give me heat stroke. And beyond the heat it's the humidity; I take a shower and I feel like I'm towelling off 3 or 4 times before I'm actually going to stay dry....or at least until I walk away from my tiny fan that is drying me! haha. I can't tell after my shower is I'm wiping off sweat or shower water. So daily I've been making my way to campus with usually one or two strategically chosen pit-stops that can entertain the thermoreceptors in my skin with air-conditioning before I finish my trek across town to the cool comforts of the university. I usually stay there for hours - lately doing homework for the last course of my university career (which I start and finish in August), as well I read blogs, Facebook obviously, chat with friends, etc....anything really to occupy my time until I feel I should face the long walk back home in the sweltering heat.

Somehow, yesterday I was able to convince myself to get back into working out (ya I know, only took me a month to get back into it....Cassie was making fun of me cause every day I would tell her I was planning to workout and that workout never came lol.) And I've decided...that starting next week...I am going to begin P90X workouts for 3 weeks. I did the Ab Ripper X yesterday and loved it - just didn't love the feeling like I was going to throw up immediately following. So, since my cookie diet is over and I only faltered twice (everybody better be cheering right now cause it wasn't easy!) then Emilie mailed me a parcel that was full of homemade cookies; I think it's time for my next month activity (or torture) and so I decided to help encourage me back into working out (or discourage, I'll keep ya posted!)....P90X! I kinda already regret telling people that! hahaha. Anyways, I'm out cause the laptop is scorching my legs and my battery is dying from me laying motionless on my couch watching movies (which is the only thing I pretty much do in this heat while I'm at home to prevent my body from moving and creating heat energy). I'm going camping this weekend with Jessica and Ryan for Jess' birthday!!! And........EMILIE WILL BE THERE!!!! I'll let everyone know how it goes! And I'll try really hard to stop being so slack on my post since I know it entertains you so much! Don't melt!


Friday, July 2, 2010

Kylie Minogue - All the Lovers

Emilie is Unforgettable

Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day Passed!! I didn't have time to blog yesterday because I woke up around 10:30 since I was out till 4:30 the night before; I went to see Elliott perform and host at Hump Night and then went for Dunns food and so I needed a little sleep before Canada Day festivities. When I woke up, Laurice told me I should go with her and Logan to see the Queen at Parliament. The only problem was that it was after 11 and the queen was going to be showing at 12, so I threw clothes on and rand the whole way to parliament. I didn't get to Laurice and Logan sue to the MASSIVE crowd but I did see the Queen!! I felt bad that she stood and walked so much....somebody shoulda give the old broad a chair! And when she gave her speech...she even spoke french! AND...with a better accent than Harper. Then after taking FOREVER to get out of the crowd to find Laurice and Logan we made plans for the rest of the day, I headed home to grab drinks and eat lunch before heading to Sandy Hill to drink with Laurice and then head to Logan's party for awhile. Later....fireworks and they were SOOOO AWESOME!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE fireworks! And we had prime viewing spots thanks to our great crowd weaving skills. It was a really good Canada Day! I'm happy Laurice wanted the company for the day so we could spend the day together!