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Friday, August 20, 2010

Crazy Cabbies!

On wednesday Cassie and I went out dancing to have a great night! She had to finish work first so she only got to my place at 11:45 and so while we quickly got ready, we have 4 cosmos. We cabbed to the bar with a really nice cabby. Got the the bar and had a few double rum and cokes and danced up a storm (as usual). SO much fun! Even though the DJ once again played HORRIBLE music. At the end of the night we got some money at the ATM since we had no cash - Cassie had to bargin with the doorman to let both us in for $7 cause that was all she had, and we put drinks on my tab. We flagged a cab down and then this other cab came up and started yelling at us and the other cabbie saying we have to get in his cause he was next in line at the cab stand (that I didn't even know existed and we weren't near the cab stand). We ended up going with our nice original cabbie and on the way home he was talking to his dispatch who said he was going to be suspended so Cassie drunkenly took the wakie takie and talked to dispatch to tell "her side of the story" lol to which the dispatcher replied "I don't care, nothing you say will change anything". RUDE! We got home, I gave the cabbie my number incase they wanted my story the next day (hoping I'd even remember taking a cab the previous night lol). We went upstairs and started drinking more cosmos and chilled listening to music, on the balcony (since my neighbour is gone - hopefully not cause I'm too loud) and then hung out and had random fun times till 7am! I went to change the cd and was like "ummmmm Cassie? The sun's up!" lol. When she sobered up, Cassie drove herself home and I passed out and was dead to the world the next day - didn't want to leave my bed. I went to hang out with Marcel in the evening at his new apartment and he was like "I have beer and rum" and all I asked was...."you have any tea?" hahaha. Great times! Should be just as fun tonight when Cassie takes me out tonight for my birthday last weekend.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Sis Steph's Birthday!

Today is my little sister Steph's birthday! Yeah, it's the day after mine - she was supposed to come the same day as me but my mom told the doctor she was waiting till the next day cause she foresaw too many issues later in life. Yesterday Steph and I went for lunch to celebrate my birthday and no we're going to plan something when we're both free to celebrate her birthday. She's turning 20 today! Even though we live in the same city, we hardly ever see each other. We go to the same school, we were in the same program and she even followed my footsteps into student council and went as far as to keep our family of presidents of student council (I warned her not to! lol). I hope she has an awesome birthday! I wish that her year is great and not too stressful or difficult and that she enjoys every moment of it cause it goes by super quickly! Love ya Steph!

My Birthday - My Fav Things

Since it was my birthday yesterday, I thought I'd do a post today about some of my favourite things....

- My favourite colour is blue
- My favourite body part is....the xyphoid process (surprised you perverts!)
- My favourite movie is possibly Beyond Borders, which leads me to my next fav thing;
- My favourite actress is Angelina Jolie - better known to my friends when I refer to her as Angie or Angelina
- Fav books are the Harry Potter books, they pretty much raised me!
- Fav bird is the peacock. They're crazy colourful and come on...look at the name! haha
- Fav drink is rum and coke and if you don't know this, you're not my friend
- Fav person to have adventures with (and anything in life can be an adventure if you make it one) is Emilie
- Favourite people to party with are Emilie, Angelique and Lacey
- Favourite sport is tennis
- Fav tennis pros are Andy Roddick and Maria Sharapova hands down!
- Fav underwear brand is Calvin Klein (again a true friend would know this lol)
- Fav model is Bryan David Thomas
- Fav tv show is Will and Grace (Kaitlyne is Grace)
- Fav way to sleep is with someone lol, but otherwise, on my back
- Favourite food group is COOKIES!! You can loose a limb if you try and take one of my cookies
- Favourite musician....i think it's Jason Mraz. God he's AMAZING in concert (even if you're dehydrated all day, haven't eaten, and stood on the same spot for 7 hours in the blistering sun unable to move from the 30,000 people all around you just to see him - it's more than worth it)
- Favourite childhood friend was Mark Bloess
- Favourite month August cause I love the sun and the heat and my birthday!
- Favourite couple is Ellen and Portia
- Favourite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast
- Favourite song.....that's a tough one cause so many have meaning, but I'll attach a few important ones lol
(I used to get this played at ever bar every time I was out)

(LOVE this song)

(Who doesn't love Jason?!)

Best Disney movie EVER!

And SOOOOOO many more!

Thanks for all the birthday love yesterday and I am SUPER pumped for my 1/2 birthday which is always bigger for me cause I think it's more special and I usually go ALL OUT for that! (Plus it's Valentine's Day! lol)

Peace, and enjoy life!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Surfer Film

I'd be shitting a brick!! This surfer filmed 2 sharks circling his board.

Me my Shark and I from Chuck Patterson on Vimeo.

Any Which Way - Scissor Sisters

Monday, August 9, 2010

Getting Over You

This is the song that Cassie says makes her think of me and SMELL me when she hears it - she can picture us coming back inside the bar as it starts and then me dancing. That's what she says she pictures every time it comes on.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Can't Handle Me

Biggest Tiny Apartment

This blows my mind!

Rosie O'Donnell Gets Her OWN Talk Show

Rosie O'Donnell Gets Her OWN Talk Show


Rosie O'Donnell is getting a new talk show on Oprah Winfrey's upcoming OWN cable network!

Oprah says:

“Rosie is an undeniable talent who has captivated TV audiences for nearly 20 years. She’s a true original, who brings her authentic voice, dynamic energy and pure passion to everything she does.”

The show will be a "fun, uplifting show with Ms. O'Donnell's playful and energetic style." Rosie adds:

"It's an honor and a privilege to work with Oprah Winfrey on her network. I'm excited to be back on daytime television."

The show will debut sometime next year.

Congrats, Ro!


Rihanna the Role Model - Love the Way You Lie

Here's the new "Love the Way You Lie" music video and I think it's decent; although I love the song! I also love Rihanna and Eminem. The thing I think is ridiculous is how everyone keeps giving Rihanna flack because she's not a good role model blah blah blah, and she shouldn't make songs like this blah blah blah. It's an amazing song! And all these people giving her shit are just giving her more publicity which is only going to make her career that much better. And what gets me is how people are saying how she's not a good role model - you have to choose your own role models! Just cause someone's famous doesn't mean they're your role model! Eminem isn't my role model even though I love his music! Yeah, she isn't the best picture women when it comes to battery or the messages around that....THEN DON'T HAVE HER AS YOUR ROLE MODEL! FACK! People are stupid in giving her shit, that's all I'm saying. I love Eminem and I love Rihanna. Enjoy the video....

Goodbye Sapphire

Wednesday night was my friend Elliott's birthday party and so I met him at his apartment.  The thing is....I knew the street that Elliott lives on, but since I was only at his place once after getting wasted at the bar, I had NO CLUE which apartment was his.  So I walked up and down the block, creeping in bushes looking in windows trying to see him to know which place was his.  It scared the SHIT outta him when he looked out the window and saw me in the bushes - but I found his place!  We left his place and headed to our friend Tim's apartment to drink and have a good time hanging out before heading to the bar for Sapphire Champaign's last retirement show.  After some wine, some champaign, some.....other stuff to put us under "the influence" and then a lot of rum and coke, we headed out to the bar - all ready for a crazy night.
 After many more drinks at the bar and lots of dancing and a great show from the drag queens, I was D.R.U.N.K.  The night got crazier after the I left the bar and I finally got to sleep around 6am.  I woke up in the morning to my apartment looking like the picture of domestic violence (if this offends you, pretend I said it was messy lol).  The couch was seperated all over the living room, the living room table was by the front door, clothes on the balcony and all over the place, dirty nacho plates in bed with me, and just a ridiculous night - BUT I LOVED IT!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance

Who wants ice cream?

I think this is hilarious!  Who wants some ice cream?

Hot 2(X)ist Commercial

Andre Ziehe modelling off his 2(X)ist underwear....

Monday, August 2, 2010

GloZell on California Girls

GloZell on Love the Way You Lie

GloZell on "Your Love is My Drug"

GloZell on Alejandro

Glozell's Take on Airplanes

Fackin' LOVE GloZell!

Ridiculous Long Weekend

As I sit in my living room drinking my ice water with lime (almost makes me sound classy), I am just thinking about how crazy my weekend just was....

Friday afternoon Brett came in from Kingston to visit. We went to see Inception in IMAX and it was INTENSE!!! It BLEW my mind! That entire movie pretty much IS my brain's thoughts when on shrooms! CRAZY! And after the movie we picked up groceries for supper and got back to my apartment where we were greeted by Caundy who came in from Kingston also. I made supper while they went to pick up liquor for the night. Supper was awesome (from my new vegetarian cookbook). Then we began drinking and two of Caundy's friends came over to party with us before we made out way to Liquor Store to dance up a storm! At the end of the night, the car ride back to drop us off at my apartment was possibly the highlight of the night! We (and I mostly mean me) danced up a storm in the car, stood up through the sunroof like it was a limo and danced my heart out to Waka Waka by Shakira. We did a drive by twice around the block when we noticed a hot security guard that waved at us, before we finally got dropped off at the apartment and headed to bed.

After very little sleep, Brett and Caundy left and headed back to Kingston. I on the other-hand got picked up by Angelique and Ashley and headed to Carleton Place for the night to party with the hicks at the Jamboree (said in a British accent). We drank at Ashley's boyfriend's apartment before heading over to the carnival where we were the crazy, drunken 25ish year olds that everyone wasn't impressed may have had something to do with out throwing our shoes at each other while the rides were going, or the fact that Sean and I were spitting from our ferris wheel seat onto Ange and Ashley's below us (and sometimes hitting the people behind them). GREAT carnival times! Then we headed into the Jamboree and I only remember two song playing....the first when we got there and then the second cause we made a drinking game of every time she said "Jesus" in her song we had to drink (which was like 15 times) and then our convos got way too deep to pay attention to the music.

On our way back from the Jamboree, we went to a bar where the bartender ordered me to chug the drink that he made wrong for Angelique, then Ange and I TORE UP the VERY sticky dance floor! We showed them dirty Dominican style dancing and I'm sure they thought we were dirty whores lol.....SO.MUCH.FUN. On our way home from the bar, we pretended to rape each other and some of us got injured through biting or falling off the picnic table, or mimicking the falling from the table, but the ENTIRE night was ridiculous! I remember waking up at one point and Ange and I were in bed, on top of the nicely made bed, fully clothed and I don't remember how we got there. Apparently Ange and I passed out on the couch together after Ashley and Sean had gone to bed when we kept drinking and then Ashley came to see why the living room light was still on and told us we should head to bed. Then after beening rudely awoken by some high pitch alarm going off and not knowing if I should evacuate or what was happening (it turned out to just be Sean's alarm clock), then Cassie drunk dialled me from Vegas cause she just got home from the bar with Christine and Tara (it was 8am here lol) and thankfully I was just alarmed awake lol. So we chatted for awhile before she had to go. I went back to sleep only to wake up still drunk. Headed back into town (hungover at this point) to meet Laura and Ryan for lunch at Tuckers. Then finished the afternoon with some Rideau Centre shopping before heading back to the apartment while the others headed back to Carleton Place.

The weekend was RIDICULOUS and soooo much fun! I'm sure I'll be catching up on sleep for about a week! Today's Ange's birthday, so happy birthday freak! And I hope everyone else had a crazy long weekend too!

Lay with me and just forget the world.....

Today is one week till I will get to see Emilie again! I'm going to Toronto just for the night on the 9th because Cassie, Tara and Tara's boyfriend are going to the Paul McCartney concert (ya I know, super jealous!) but it gives me an excuse to go down with them and see Emilie!! I'm super pumped! The last time I saw Em was about a month ago over Jess' birthday when we rented a cottage near Peterborough for the weekend; so this will only be the second time seeing her since she's left Ottawa in June. I know that once we both have money coming in, we'll be able to visit each other more often, but it's not easy in the meantime. So, I'm posting this song and the pics of Em and I from my photobooth on my MacBook Pro as a mini celebration for the 1 week till I get to see and hang (and of course drink) with her again! :) Miss You!

Goofing with The Girl

My Friend Oscar....

The other day I was chatting with my friend Oscar (my politically incorrect friend, not the grouch) and I asked what I should blog about and his first answer was about "my awesome friend Oscar", so I said I would blog about Oscar, but I can't lie and tell people he's awesome. We met through friends a couple years ago and had partied in the same vicinity on a couple of occasions but never actually got to know each other very much (even though i went to his going-away party before he moved to Spain last year).
Then he moved to Spain and we started chatting online fairly often and quickly because great friends who have similar perverted and sick senses of humour; even when I was in some of the shittiest moods, talking to Oscar would make me laugh out loud with his rude/inappropriate jokes and comments about minorities lol.
Now he's finally on his trip back towards this great Canadian country and after the chats we've had online, I can only expect that now in person we will be great friends too....maybe even take over the world! (In which case EVERYONE who's not perfect should beware, and this includes YOU!)

Hang With Me - Robyn