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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Katy Perry's Peacock redone

California Take 2

So a few weeks ago, Emilie and I headed back to California cause we are hooked now, and also cause we hadn't seen each other for awhile so we could hang out.  We stayed at the W Hollywood hotel on Hollywood and Vine!  The hotel was amazing!

 Despite the fact that Continental Airlines delayed our flight and lost our luggage and lied to us around 14 times in a span of 8 hours, causing me to spend our first  day and night in Hollywood in my work scrubs since I came directly from work....we had a great time (not with Continental though).  We spent the beginning of the trip in Hollywood where we did some shopping, drank a lot, hung out every day with Brandon (who's SUPER amazing and can't wait to go back to see him) and his friends and went out clubbing.  We saw Mario Lopez at the Grove Shopping Center (and man does he look old in person!)

The first night in town...Emilie and I decided to get some booze for the week at the Pharmacy.  We almost died!  They had 40s of bacardi rum for $17.00!  We ended up leaving (this is the part where we may sound like alcoholics) with a 5 litre box of wine, a 40oz of rum, two big bottles of gaterade and a box of cereal for less than $30!

The trip was amazing!  We went to Mr. Blacks to go clubbing one night (that was a very sloppy night!). And then the next morning we headed off to Disney Land for the day!!  Disney was crazy! Even though it was freakishly cold in Cali, the day was amazing!  I REALLY wanted to meet Micky, which I didn't get to do, but it was so awesome!  We were going to stay the night at the Disney hotel until they said the only room left was $450 before taxes for a plain we stayed at a Holiday Inn (or something) in Long Beach.

The last day of our trip was American Thanksgiving (which we didn't know till we got to LA), so Brandon drove us to Suzie and Jimmy's (Emilie's cousins) so we could spend the last day with them and be a part of their Thanksgiving dinner party plans.  While waiting to go to dinner, Emilie and I walked to the beach and talked while we watched wild dolphins playing in the water.  Then dinner was amazing!  I don't think I've ever (and possibly will ever again), be in one place with so many different bottles of wine and champagne being drank!  The food was amazing and so were the people at the party.  And then we slept and Emilie and I made the long-ass day trek back to Ottawa (cause I worked the next morning).

We've already talked about going back in May :P