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Friday, January 28, 2011


I have to correct a blog post I wrote the other day about travelling and my trips I will be taking this year...I mentioned that the trip I am taking down to St. Catherine's was to visit my friend Lacey; HOWEVER, it was brought to my attention that I totally forgot to mention that I'm also going to be visiting my really amazing friend Maria while down there (since they live together hah). So's been officially corrected (happy maria? lol)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sunday, January 23, 2011

It Gets Better

The Best Thing About Me is You


At Anne's "going away" party in Toronto last weekend

Work Christmas Party

Me and Laura on New Years


My mother's new baby and my cute little brother. These pics are from when I was home over New Years, and the last time before this when I saw him was when he was like 8 weeks old and was so he's so big! He loves to play and bite hah. SUPER CUTE!

2011 - The Year of Trips and Travelling

So this is the year! The year that I leave for my much anticipated Europe backpacking trip with my great friends Lacey and Angelique! This trip has been in the plans for 6 years - and now the year is here!! So we leave June 27th from Toronto and head to London and that's the day we become citizens of the world - travelling around 18 countries in the span of 3 months. We have a tentatively mapped out path of our travels that are VERY play-it-by-year. This is our loosely,but well thought out, path we're planning to take:

At the very end of the trip - as long as everything is still working out - we're going to go back to Germany for Octoberfest. And the one things we ABSOLUTELY have planned is the famous tomato fight in Spain; I've always wanted to do it!

And then at the end, Lacey will be leaving Angelique and I as she boards a plane back to Canada just in time for winter; while Ange and I will be getting on a different plane for the long-anticipated, and equally long dreaded flight to Australia where we will become new immigrants there and become Aussies for a few years at least. I CAN'T WAIT! I've been dreaming of this day to come for years! I'm SUPER excited to leave for all the crazy adventures that are inevitable going to ensue while abroad, but I'm also a little nervous about leaving the familiar of my friends and family and my familiar life and country, to head to the complete unknown (including where Ange and I will live other than the city). However, the unknown of what's ahead is also the thrill of it all! This year is definitely going to be another INSANELY ridiculous year!

Before my emigrating escapades, there are a few smaller (but with not doubt their own ridiculous adventures and stories) trips that I have planned:

- There's the much anticipated trip to St. Catherine's (probably next month). For the past 4 years while in university, a couple of me and my really close friends have been making our rounds at visiting each other - one friend per year kinda idea. Each year, that trip is when we're all together getting blitzed out of our heads and celebrating being together, always results in awesome stories. And Lacey is the last one in school at the moment and is the only one who hasn't hosted this trip, so we'll be heading down to visit her for a weekend of debauchery.

- There's the 3rd annual "Spring Break" trip that Emilie and I go on. Two years ago it was Varadero Cuba for a week of alcohol poisoning and sun, and last year was Los Angeles California to life the life of the rich and famous. This year's trip will be different in that it's not going to be just Emilie and I this time - we've invited a few of our friends to come along it they'd like to party with us in a sunny, beachy, all-inclusive, 24-hour booze, cheap resort down south. Our really great friend Brandon (aka "America") from California, and his good friend Melissa (who we met on our last trip to Cali in October) have already said that they are a for sure GO! Our other peeps said they'll get back to us when we figure out dates and prices (which is the plan for this week; although, we know we're going in March).

- Then in May, there's my final trip to California of 2011. I have fallen in love with California (as I somehow always knew I would), and the fact that one of my best friends (again Brandon lol) lives there, makes going back REALLY easy. Plus, I wanted to be able to see, party with, and say "see you later" to Brandon before I take on Europe and Australia. Although....I have already been talking about organizing a "meet up" of some people, in Cali at some point when I'm living in Australia.

- The last trip planned is a family get-together that I felt is really important to me to have before I flee Canada for an undetermined amount of time. I wanted to be able to see and hang out with my entire family one last time before I leave; and despite the fact that I have a SUPER tiny family, it always seems impossible to have us all together at the same time anymore. So, at the beginning of June, my whole family will be getting together at my uncle and aunt's cottage for a weekend. I can't wait for this because we used to spend so much time at the cottage when I was growing up, and as the years went on and we all got older, we just seemed to go up there less and less often as a family. So, I can't wait to see everyone back there.

So apparently, this will be the year of trips and travelling. I'll definitely work my hardest to keep everyone updated on what's going on, where I've been, and who it's been with, as much as I can. I'm pumped for this year!

Enrique's "Tonight I'm Fucking You" ft. Ludacris