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Monday, March 28, 2011


Over the past month, I've been working an insane amount due to numerous shift switches at my full-time nursing job and then picking up a couple shifts at my part-time place as well - all in preparation for my trip that I just got back from to Dominican Republic.
Even though the working like a crazy fool preparation for the trip was insane (up to 6 12 shifts one week), the trip was worth it!
We were supposed to be Emilie and Myself along with my really good friend Brandon in California (known is some circles -ie between him and I haha- as "America") and his friend Melissa; however, because conflicts of trying to coordinate a trip departing from two different locations and scheduling issues, it ended up only being Emilie and I on this trip. Although, Em and I are going back to California in May to see Brandon again, so it'll all still work out. Plus...there's always next year's trip Brandon, if you're still up for going? Haha.
I worked had banked up some overtime hours so that the night before we flew out (our plane was scheduled for 6am), I worked till 3am; grabbed my mini suitcase that I had brought to work with me, and cabbed to the airport to meet Emilie. We got through security no problems and then the waiting game began. Around 4am there seemed to be a lot of red and flashing lights coming from outside where the plane was. Apparently, one of the crew members loading luggage on the plane, feel off the ramp and critically injured themself when the fell on their neck and back. We were told we'd have to wait till the Ministry of Transportation inspected the scene (how many people think the Ministry is awake and working at 4 in the morning? They're not.) Although, by 8am we were boarding and on our way to Dominican.
We arrived in Punta Cana airport where we grabbed our bags, paid out $10 entrance fee and got in a van that would drive us the almost 4 hours to our resort in Santo Domingo while dropping others off along the way. [Emilie....for future reference, when booking one of our next trips, read the smaller print lol]. Despite the Santo Domingo airport being WAY closer to Santo Domingo (shocker I know), we slept much of the ride.
The trip was very relaxing with a lot of drinking (who's surprised?) and lounging by the pool and on the beach. The evening was more drinking, watch the resort's entertainment show and then drink and dance and then drink.  There are obviously many ridiculous stories from the trip, and many of which are being reconsidered if they should be put on the internet hahaha.
It was very relaxing and just what I was looking for. We already talked about possible Jamaica for next year's Spring Break trip, but we're always up for suggestions; we're not picky as long as it's all-inclusive, 24-hour booze and on a beach.

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