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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alicia Keys - Wait till you see my smile

This is pretty much my brain.....

Clinton Interview

This is a funny interview with Hillary Clinton while she was in Australia with the interviewing duo Hamish and Andy.  Really funny!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Nights Out with Cassie

The Wednesday before my mom and grandma came to town last week, Cassie and I decided to go out dancing (as we do often on Wednesdays when we're both off).  We both dressed up and had a "party" of our own in my apartment before heading out to Mercury Lounge to dance the night away.  It was one of the most fun times out dancing together we've ever had (and trust me...there's a lot).  The night ended with my just a BIT under the the point where when I ran down my apartment hallway, my pants fell right to my ankles and I tripped and busted out laughing.  I was put to bed and the end of the night is a day-in-the-life of an Alzheimer patient.  GREAT night!

Cassie looking hot (maybe texting her awesome husband)

Me :)

Cassie and Me dancing the night away

The girls are out tonight!  

Ending the night.....

Get Outta My Way - Kylie Minogue

Growing up....

Last weekend I was "growing up" by finally graduating university.  My mom and grandma sat in the audience at the National Arts Center for two hours to hear my name be called as a graduate for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program from the University of Ottawa and to watch me walk across the stage, shake hands with the Chancellor or the school (didn't know we even had one of those) and then shake hands with the President of the University, and walk off.  It was nice to finally be done and I'm happy that my mom now knows how to text so that we were able to text each other throughout the entire ceremony, but the best part of the day was lunch where my sister and her boyfriend Tony came as well as dinner where my brother and Jessica showed up.  It was really good to see my mom and grandma again since it's been awhile and I'm still not sure when I'll be back home next to see them.

Anthony and Jess' Wedding

Two weeks ago I went to Brampton for my friends Anthony and Jess' wedding.  I got to meet up with my friend Dan (aka Brampton) and we went for supper to catch up since it had been a year since the last time we hung out.  Then the next day was the beautiful wedding where Jess looked amazing - and Anthony looked decent haha.  The bar was open and so was my belly to receive all the booze.  At then end of the night, a bunch of us went to Moxies for some more drinks, then to the hotel to bed because Kaitlyne and I had to leave the next morning super early to head back home (I had to work the sunday overnight).  It was a great time to see old friends, party and celebrate Anthony and Jess' wedding!  Congrats guys!

Katy Perry's - Firework

This is Katy's newest single where she stands on a rooftop and has Lady Gaga inspired exploding bosoms which eventually turn into Care Bear-like fireworks shooting from her tummy.  Having said this....I really love this song.