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California: From NHL locker rooms to illegal immigrants

I was in California in March with Emilie for our Spring Break for 9 days; we stayed with her Cousin. It was an AMAZING trip and I'm already planning on going back. Emilie's cousin used to play for the LA Kings and now works as the tv broadcaster for them. They supplied us every night with what felt like, and endless supply of wine for our pre-drinking before hitting up a bar on the pier down the road where they make their drinks just like I do! Not used to bars in LA, us Canadians order two double rum and cokes (my favourite drink), and the bartender says "you're not from here are you?". After we tell him we're from Canada he tells us that we don't need to order doubles there and proceeds to make our drinks with half rum, just how I like it; where the coke is added just for colouring. The drinks were awesome and SUPER cheap! (only $3 each). The bar was a punk rock bar, and even though my polo shirt and jeans and Emilie's bar top and jeans didn't really fit in, the bar was so dark that nobody could even tell. haha. We went back to this bar a few times over our trip.
We also got to go to two LA Kings games while there! We had VIP treatment and access to all these areas that we would never have found if Emilie's cousin and her friend didn't take us! haha. We sat in amazing seats; including third row in for one period where we were so close we saw things like how Doughty plays with his tongue sticking out haha. After the games we had locker room access; so we got to go downstairs and meet the players and get autographs, etc. AMAZING! Meeting hockey players at the locker room....definitely a check in the awesome life activity column!
One night we went for supper with Suzzie and Jim (Em's cousins). They wanted to take us for supper on one of the piers so we could have supper together and watch the sunset. The sunset was beautiful and so was the three bottles of wine that Jim, Em and I had with supper! After the second bottle we were drunk and supper was done and we were just about to leave, when the owner of the restaurant came over (cause he knew Jim and Suzzie) and was talking to us. He insisted that he get us a bottle on the house. Even though we told him we were leaving he insisted and we obviously caved. lol. He brought this blue wine bottle and talked about the wine. Emilie leaned over to me and whispered "remember the name of this wine, it's so good!" To which I just replied "Emilie, we'll NEVER afford this wine again, it's over $1000!" hahaha. After that third bottle, we headed around the corner to a bar and had a couple drinks there while chatting, then we headed home. At home emilie was getting ready for our going out that night and I told her I was just going to nap for a little before we leave. When we woke up, yes WE were both asleep, it was already 1:00am! We were so angry at ourselves and each other for sleeping in when we were planning to go dancing that night. We walked to the pier to cool off and while sitting on the fence watching the ocean, two random guys came up and asked if we had a light. They proceeded to tell us that they're chilling in the park if we wanna go with them cause we look we did. We arrived to a picnic table in the park with a girl puking on the ground and a guy standing by the table (this was "Louisiana"). One of the guys that was with Em and I was the brother of pukee magee on the ground and they were both illegal immigrants from Venezuela. I don't remember which state the other guy was from. And later in the night after I bought booze at the pharmacy with Diego (one of the aliens), a guy who looked 15 came to party with us in the park dressed in a suit and talking about sex and drugs; but he looked like a child so Em and I couldn't take him seriously. We partied all night in that park, talking about Louisiana and his pet alligators, and his children, and getting stabbed, we debated the healthcare system and political systems in the States and about life in general. Turned out our great then shitty night, turned out really fun despite now dancing. Who needs dancing when you've got illegal immigrants!?