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Monday, September 13, 2010

University of Ottawa and their never ending obstacles

So I'm finally done all school for my Bachelor of Science in Nursing!  I'm SO happy that I don't need to worry about homework anymore!  Although, these last two courses during the sumer have been probably the two hardest and most stressful courses just because all the obstacles Ottawa U kept putting up.  I CONSTANTLY had to be on top of the secretariat office to make sure they were doing THEIR job properly in getting me registered to write the RN exam for October 6th.  And now, Ottawa U does it again!    The biggest obstacle yet!  I went to the secretariat on Friday just to see when they would be sending my marks to the College of Nurses (since my marks were all done now) and so that I could send in my form for my temporary nursing license to start my full-time job in October and somehow, this was the first time that the secretariat realized that the Senate isn't meeting to "approve" graduations till October 16th!!  The marks NEED to be to the College by the 5th!  So as of right now, NOBODY at Ottawa U who was planning to write their RN exam on October 6th can!!!  I'm so stressed and don't need this!  I'm sick with a cold, trying to study, while at the same time stressing about this and trying to figure out everything I can do to put pressure on the school to sort this out ASAP since this isn't screwing up my schooling anymore...this is my life!!  Already this is screwing up when I'm starting work since it takes 15 days to process my license from the time the school sends in the marks to the College.  All I gotta say is...they better figure this shit out fast!!!

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