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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring is here!

I think it's finally here ladies and gents.....SPRING!  After being jerked around constantly by Mother Nature - with it being nice and sunny, then get shit on with snow - I think I going to risk the jinx and say it.......spring is here!

I love that the sun is out more often than not now and that the days are getting longer.  I can now go to work my night shifts when it's dusk and be leaving work to come back home after my 12 hour shifts and the sun is rising for dawn; as opposed to darkness ALL THE TIME!

The only thing I don't like about spring is the melting of everything resulting in everything being dirty and muddy.  As much as I need to OD on antihistamines with all the newly pollen-releasing flowers - I still love spring even if I have to see it through watery, itchy, swollen eyes :P

Spring is going to be something I will miss next year when I'm living in Australia.  Although, I feel as though I can cope without spring if I just focus on the beaches and oceans and tans and accents and hot weather and sexy Aussies and the foreign exotic-ness of being in Australia over being in Canada.

I can't wait till my first patio beer of the season (which will probably be this week since I'm off tuesday till sunday.  So who's available? lol).

I'm looking forward to making the most of this final spring before my departure from North America for an undetermined amount of time.  So come on Mother Nature, let's make it a good one.....preferably with less allergies and rain ;)

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