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Friday, July 9, 2010

Day Before an Exciting Weekend

I stayed late at Cassie's last night to keep her company since she needed to stay up since she started her first night shift tonight. After a stop at Dairy Queen, a couple Hell's Kitchens and some other shows (I can't remember what we watched after anymore lol), she drove me home at 3:30am. I woke up not feeling amazing, my allergies were going a little whack, my breathing wasn't the best, I had pulled my hip flexor muscles for the first time ever and they hurt like a bitch and on top of it all, it was another humid, muggy day. Thankfully it rained off and on throughout the day which cooled the air OUTSIDE my apartment; so after I swept and tidied my apartment (cause my mom and Jean-Guy were coming to bring my stuff) I went outside in just my shorts and stood and danced in the rain and cooled down. I hate how outside is so much cooler than in my, can't the air just come inside too? All my windows are open and my dinky fan is going, but you'd swear the air isn't moving AT ALL! What do I have to do?!....invite it in!? Consider this the official invitation for the outside air to circulate into my house..........

Dear Outside Air,

You are cordially invited to entertain me in my apartment by breezing throughout the day. I would greatly appreciate if you would attend my apartment as this place just isn't as enjoyable without you.

Yours greatly in need,

Marcus Roman Kusiak

So my mom and JG showed up and my mom left a huge mess all over my entire apartment from dirt on her sandals but I can't complain too much since she brought me stuff I needed from home and JG made me a bed! The bed is awesome! He is insane and told me it only took him 3 hours to make! I was told it is VERY study and that he made it with extra support so like 4 people can be in it no problem and he made it so that it won't squeak at all......sounds like they know my sleeping patterns all too well! PERVS!....I clearly mean I toss and turn and have grand mal seizures nightly (I don't actually move almost at all when sleeping and I realized after I wrote it that the seizure part isn't really that funny....especially if you have if you do - Sorry). Now I'm back in my apartment, getting all sweaty (not in any kind of fun way) and going to ice the cake I baked to bring to the cottage that I'm going to for the weekend with Jess, Ryan, his friend and Emilie and Jenna. I'm SOOOO PUMPED!!! THe cake is cause it's Jess' birthday tomorrow, and we got a cottage instead of camping which I'm also mega pumped for! It's going to be a crazy time (although there will be no blogging for the weekend but when I come home I will update you on all the ridiculous details!) Have a great weekend everyone!

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