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Friday, July 16, 2010

Introducing Sex Into a New Relationship

I was just talking to my awesome friend Angelique and we were discussing what "the general rule" is for how many dates into a new relationship before it's "acceptable" to have sex. She had said that she told a co worker 3 and her co worker pretty much gave her the "you're a huge slut bag with a loose vagina" look and so Ange has asked me and Lacey to get our opinions (possibly not the two greatest individuals for this question lol). I told her that 3 or 4 seems "normal" for most "normal" people but that it should be whenever feels right whether that's the first day or a month in (two months is too long....people lose interest haha). And Lacey too apparently gave the 3 date rule. So now, I wanna know what others the 3 date rule really acceptable? Or are my friends and I just crazy horned up fools who can't seem to restrain ourselves? How long is "acceptable"?

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  1. Okay, So I would say yes, 3 dates is a good rule for sex for dating someone who you don't really know, and if so even more. But if you are interested in someone and say you end up hooking up before the first date even happens. I have found that it breaks the ice for the actual date. I would be WAY more comfortable during the date, knowing this person has seen me naked and STILL wants to spend money and take me out on a date. haha you may laugh but its true. This did happened with my current relationship, and I was so relaxed and not nervous on my date. Mind you, I knew Ed for a while before we even hooked up, and he was a gentleman and asked me out on a date, before he made his move on me haha. So I may just be a fellow "horned up fool", but that is my input!