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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Little Sis Steph's Birthday!

Today is my little sister Steph's birthday! Yeah, it's the day after mine - she was supposed to come the same day as me but my mom told the doctor she was waiting till the next day cause she foresaw too many issues later in life. Yesterday Steph and I went for lunch to celebrate my birthday and no we're going to plan something when we're both free to celebrate her birthday. She's turning 20 today! Even though we live in the same city, we hardly ever see each other. We go to the same school, we were in the same program and she even followed my footsteps into student council and went as far as to keep our family of presidents of student council (I warned her not to! lol). I hope she has an awesome birthday! I wish that her year is great and not too stressful or difficult and that she enjoys every moment of it cause it goes by super quickly! Love ya Steph!

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