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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Gone are the days of Honesty

Why is it that it seems that nobody is honest? Why are people so cowardly or think that people are better off or not able to handle honesty? I can't speak for everybody but I can honestly say that I 100% would rather someone be completely honest with me, like I am with them, than tell me what they think I want to hear or not tell me what they're thinking cause they don't want to hurt my feelings. Whether it's about relationships or friendships or just plain talking to people......BE HONEST PEOPLE! I've made it almost 23 years through a less than protected lifestyle, so trust me...I can handle your honesty.

When it comes to meeting people online, I believe this is where society is with a new social medium to meet people and it's really no different from meeting someone at a bar or a grocery store. Just as someone in person can not be honest, but when it comes to people online people seem to easily (and more often) hide behind their internet facades; world wide web fabrications. Using the screen as a filter o true personality allowing them to become the idealistic version of the person they believe you want to meet. And no matter how honest you may be, and how deep a connection (or for how long) you have with someone met online, you inevitably have no certainty as to how much of the person you know is the real person you were hoping to meet.

This being said about talking to people online, the same can be said for people in the non-digital world (aka real world lol). If someone is interested in me as more than a friend when I'm only into them as a friend, then I'll let them know. I don't think it's better to avoid the issue or pretend the issue isn't there. I have confidence that the friend can take it and remain friends despite the fact that I don't have the exact same feelings towards them as they have to me. Just because someone is into you and you're not back doesn't equate to and either or situation: One person can have stronger feelings that are more than friendship and still remain friends. Just as if I was into someone and they weren't into me, I'd rather just know their feelings than not and remain friends than in a weird limbo of not talking about the issue or of losing the friend; I'd rather remain friends than lose that connection with someone.

So in short, I don't get the lack of honesty it seems that people have. Have more faith in people's resilience and just tell them the truth. Whether it's you only really think of them as friends and wanna keep it that way, to what you look like over the internet to that the dress your friend is trying on at a store is less than flattering - be honest. My challenge is for people reading this start now; respect your friends, or the people you're talking to, to tell them the truth. Be honest! ;)

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