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Monday, April 26, 2010

Magic Masturbation

So awhile ago Emilie and I were at a new age store in the Market called New Dawn. This place has everything from healing crystals, incense, tarot cards, wands, and magic potion ingredients, to books, religious artifacts, and jewellery. We were looking through everything and came to the book section and went through a number of them; trying learn magic spells and stuff. I found this one book that had a section about "magical sex". In this section it talked about auras and energies and what not, but the interesting part was it talked about magical orgasms for men (like they're not already magical lol). It described this process of being really aware of your body and then when you're on the verge of cumming you contracts your glutes, your pelvic floor and your abs (and you can optionally press on your choata for help when learning to focus). So naturally I had to try this magic orgasm out! That night when I was in the comforts of my own room, I was doing the deed and was "focusing my energies on my body and sensations". When I was close to erupting, I decided I would cum into a sock to avoid a mess (not believing this book I had read). I did what the book said and contracted my ass, pelvis and abs and came. When I was done, I looked in the sock and couldn't see anything. In disbelief, I slide my hand into the sock only to discover it completely dry! I had done it....I had a magic orgasm! Like a legit magic one! (Well according to this wiccan book anyways lol). I have since tried it one other time and it then too worked! Either I performed magic while choking my chicken, or I'm very experienced and focused while jerking.

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