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Thursday, April 29, 2010


It's finally here...the last day I'm in this apartment! I've been packing all day today and was till late last night and I'm almost completely packed now. Just have one more load of laundry, pack a couple dished that are left and take my bed and desk apart and I'm done; to wait patiently till Emilie gets here tonight to drink for our last time in this place and watch Brother's & Sisters (our current favourite addiction).
I'm going to miss this place. I kinda feel like I've been in my own apartment alone now for the past week or so since my 3 awesome roommates moved pretty much all their lives out of this apartment into their own places. My move is tomorrow morning. It's definitely going to be weird and need some adjusting to being alone and not being able to seek any of 3 people in the apartment for support or encouragement when life's shitty or when I'm bummed. We also shared in each other's accomplishments and were there for each other through some of the most trying, life changing/defining, happy, sad, fun, and ridiculous times. We've lived together for 3-4 years; I've lived with Carli and Amanda for pretty much 4 years and we've lived with Pam for 3. Our friendships, like the places we've lived, have shifted greatly over the years. We went from the SKETCHIEST place in Ottawa (on Clarence St) with drug addicts, used needles and condoms in the yard, fights in the street out front, drug busts in the back, creepy landlord and the most amazing huge parties in our driveway with the neighbours. To a smaller more quaint location in the Village in Centertown. We have the MOST amazing landlord here, who really was always more of a friend to us than a landlord living downstairs. We had fewer smaller parties that were just as much fun, we grew more individually I think at this new place (where we were safer haha). And now 3 years later....we're all grown up; moving on our own. Pam's moved to the west end with her boyfriend Matt kinda like adults (scary), Amanda's moved not that far from this place now all on her own like a big kid (don't worry we'll do grocery dates so you don't starve!), and Carli has moved to her boyfriend Rob's apartment for the summer while he's gone for the summer to tree plant. We're all close-to, or finished university and moving on from here yet we're still figuring out what the hell we're going to do! lol. I imagine it'll kinda be like this for the rest of our lives....trying to figure out "what's next" and just enjoy the ride as it goes, cause whether you want to or not, the ride's going to keep going. I'll miss my roomies, I'll miss this apartment and Derek (the landlord) but I'll mostly miss the memories and the friendships that we had in here that no matter what, at the end of the day the 4 of us were there for each other when needed. And the ride goes on....

Me, Pam, Amanda, Carli

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