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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Treasure Chest in Underwear Drawer

My dresser is completely empty of clothes now and all that remains is the loose, lonely, single socks and my treasure chest of condoms that lay under my underwear usually. There's an assortment to satisfy all needs from Trojans to Trustex to Lifestyle; ultra thin, MAGNUMS, shared pleasure, her pleasure, mint flavour, black and other coloured, banana, vanilla and other flavoured, regular lifestyle, lubes of various flavours and companies and even un-lubed for dental dam fun! This doesn't even begin to show you the literal hundreds of other condoms I have in bags packed away that I got back in my sexual health educator days. lol. If you need a couple, just hollar or stop by...maybe even spend the night ;) lol


  1. you skank! lol j/k you forgot to mention the blueberry cheesecake lube!

  2. ha I was just going to mention that!! beat me too it!

  3. dude that is f'n ridiculous!!!