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Monday, May 17, 2010

My Epic 18th Birthday!

My 18th birthday was one of my most epic birthdays! Lacey had a party for me at her house where her and I attempted Century Club. For anyone who is not aware, Century Club is where you take a shot of beer every minute for a hundred minutes with no breaks. We had my stopwatch counting down the minute and when it'd alarm, Lacey and I would down our ounce. Even when one of us had to go pee, we'd bring the shot with us and when the other yelled time.....shot was taken. As we got higher and higher up, time seemed to shorten between minutes. We had other friends at the party, some drinking (not doing Century Club) and a lot of sober people. We had sober people keeping the tally of our shots so we knew when we'd reach 100 and so that in my drunken state I wouldn't screw up lol. Century Club sounds kinda easy, but it REALLY isn't. It works out to 9 1/2 beer in an hour and 40 mins. Lacey made it to 51 and then tapped out and I kept going. I made it to 101 before everyone cut me off. I am an official member of The Century Club, and I would like to attempt it again sometime, but I no longer have the pressure of having to complete it since I'm already in the club. After finishing those beer, I thought that would be prime time to talk to my ex who was at the party, and who had recently broken up with me, about why they did it. Hahahaha I'm a thinker! The puking in the neighbours bushes brought the convo to a halt, especially since the neighbour was watching from the window! lol. Then back at Laceys, I just went through my drunken regular ridiculousness, i crawled under glass coffee tables thinking it looked like a coffin, i blew a candle out so hard that the wax exploded and covered my face and eyes, and eventually went to bed. I woke in the morning to hangout with the hangover and Lacey, until my mom would pick me up to bring me for KFC lunch with my whole family! KFC is probably the worst hangover food FYI. But, that night was epic! I am a member of Century Club! I had a GREAT birthday that year! Thanks Lace! Maybe this summer we'll get Lacey and Angelique to become members!

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